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New Shanghai New Year's Banquet from last Saturday - better late than never?


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New Shanghai New Year's Banquet from last Saturday - better late than never?

nomadfromcincy | Feb 20, 2005 01:16 PM

A friend organized a Chinese banquet at New Shanghai for about 25 people. It was quite successful – definitely renewed my interest in exploring Chinatown. I think banquet-style is the way to go.

Selection of 3 dim sum options – shu mai, vegetable potstickers, shrimp dumplings

Peking duck – skin served separately, meat stir-fried with vegetables, with scallion and cucumber, with moo-shi style pancakes
-Actually very tasty – it was better than the version I had at Chef Chang’s, which surprised me. The skin was very crisp, but I was more surprised at the big, juicy pieces of meat in the stir fry preparation.

Fish balls with broccoli, with sweet and sour sauce
-Like a cuttlefish or squid on the middle – real hot (temperature), creamy, went nicely with the sauce.

Fried tofu – seemed freshly-made with lightly crispy skin
-Love it when it comes out fresh from the kitchen. The tofu was the perfect texture – strong enough to hold in my chopsticks, but kinda gelatinous to the tongue.

Black mushrooms with bok choy? – meaty mushrooms with sticky sauce
-If you like those medium-sized Chinese mushrooms and you like that very earthy flavor, this is perfect for you. The sauce isn’t quite salty enough for me, but I think that is personal preference.

Long noodles – very fresh, but not a ton of flavor
The only dish I wouldn’t order on my own.

Stir-fried lobster with ginger
This is similar to the version at Peach Farm, I’d give this version a 8/10 compared to the 9/10 for Peach Farm. The lobster meat was still juicy.

Steamed fish – delicious, light flavor
It was getting near the end of the meal, so I just had a small taste of this one.

Sticky rice
Yum! I am a sucker for this stuff. Like the stuff served in covered bowls at dim sum, but in one big bowl.

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