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Shabu shabu setup

calumin | Jan 2, 2014 10:07 AM

Anyone have an opinion on the best hardware to buy for shabu shabu?

I was planning on getting an induction burner, but from what I've read the noise level of the more inexpensive burners is at best manageable. The one that looked like it was quiet was Vollrath but it's about $500.

Then I was thinking of getting an all-in-one shabu shabu pot but I've read that they don't actually do a good job of heating water quickly.

My current thinking is to get an electric burner and a low shabu shabu pot. My main criteria are 1) quiet operation, 2) price under $120 total, and 3) no propane. I'm fine for it to be a uni-tasking machine - I don't need it for anything else. Any thoughts?

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