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What did they serve at your wedding?


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What did they serve at your wedding?

PHREDDY | Feb 16, 2013 01:36 PM

I got married in 1978.....but we are really interested in your experience....for example...the caterer at our wedding asked us what we would be drinking that night? I said bannana Daquiri, the bride , Champagne...., The cocktail hour first from the receiving line ;I remember the line of prepared foods., there must have been 25 different items ..Swedish meatballs, pigs in blankets, calf brains, , chicken chow mein, skewers of curried chicken, pasta stations with tons of veggies, dried beef enveloping asparagas the size of a baseball bat.
plus the cold canapes that I cannot recall,this was right after the ceremony. The entire event took place at the same venue....we had the ceremony first then the cocktail hour, then dinner....They served us a main course , but really never ate it, we were visiting all of the guests....I know there was a poached salmon with a bernaise sauce, brocolli/ carrots, and spinach with a garlic oil preparation,then a seperate plate that they brought to the table empty, and then a heated serving cart with huge hunks of prime ribs that were freshly carved in front of you, plated with horseradish sauce, with some cottage fried potatoes, Fred Flinstone style! (my ex - father-in-laws idea), but pretty cool.

I then cut the cake, had a piece stuffed in my mouth and did not even gaze at the desert hour buffet..... which had all kinds of stuff... from chocolate mouse cake, to puff pastry with vanilla creme and every fruit combination in the people left, they were handed doggie bags of pastries that had not been eaten during the desert hour , as well as some wedding the time we all smoked tobacco........we had two gentlemen rolling cigars for the men and women as they left...

What was your experience?

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