Not About Food 53

Do you send food back often?

filth | Jan 10, 200807:40 AM

Reading the perfect salmon thread gave me pause.

I don't think I've ever sent food back to be refired.

I have no food allergies.

I have a wide range of likes with regard to capsicum, garlic, and other strong flavors.

I appreciate fine dining and good ethnic food but I am not averse to eating fast food either.

I have definite preferences with regard to the doneness of proteins (I don't like chicken too rare, I want my steak medium-rare, etc.). However, I'm pretty sure that the only way I'd send something back would be an expensive steak that was overcooked (beyond medium). Pretty much anything else I'd eat without complaint. I might not be totally happy about it but I'm not going to disrupt the flow of dinner for my companions if my salmon is a little over or undercooked.

Am I too easy?

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