carophil11 | Apr 10, 201711:27 AM     1

I have a mild obsession with chicken wings. Ok, maybe it's not so mild. There's not one moment of any day ever where I would refuse wings if I was offered them.

My favorite type of wing is just plain with a bit of salt, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. There are a few local pizzerias and pubs that get them just right, and they're magical.

I've tried many ways of replicating the perfect wing. Baking, frying, brining... naked, breaded, battered, just coated in flour or corn starch... I can't get it just right.

I'm as close as I've gotten right now. My current method is to brine them for at least a couple of hours before patting them dry and putting them in an egg wash. I make a mixture of flour, a bit of baking powder, some bread crumbs, and seasoning, and dip them in that once before deep frying them until they're golden brown. I let them sit out for a bit before I fry them so they don't cool the oil down, too. I've tried dredging them before the final coat, but that ended up being TOO much breading.

They're really, really good the way that I'm making them, but somehow they're just not the same as the ones I get from certain restaurants.

Anyone have the magic secret?

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