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Seasoning carbon steel -- Canter method turned plan bright blue

tangleman | Jun 16, 201207:06 PM


I just got a de Buyer Carbone Plus plan and, after doing a bit of research, decided to try the Canter method of using flaxseed oil and baking the pan in the oven. The first coat seemed to go ok, so I re-oiled the pan per instructions, wiped it off, etc., then put the pan in for a second round. This time, however, the pan has a bright blue oily sheen covering much of the pan. The blue coloring does not cover the entire pan, mind you -- the top part of the sides, near the rim, is normally-colored.

Any thoughts (a) on what might have happened and/or (b) what I should do about it? I am inclined to steel wool the pan back to bare metal (or at least try to do so), but should I? Is the blue coloring harmful, or just some artefact of the oil baking out of the pan?

Appreciate any help you can offer...


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