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Santa Cruz bites: Cafe Campesino and The Buttery's peanut cookie

Carb Lover | May 16, 2005 06:03 PM

CAFE CAMPESINO (downtown on Pacific in small kiosk stand in front of New Leaf, corner of Soquel and Pacific). See link below for more info. Stopped by for a quick bite on Sat. for lunch. Thought they might offer Mexican tortas, but didn't see any on menu. You might think..."oh no, another taqueria in Santa Cruz...how creative." After eating here though, I think Campesino offers something unique to the Mexican food landscape. Bills itself as "Mexican farmhouse cooking". Small menu, not the quickest service since it's a small operation, but food tasted fresh and made w/ lots of TLC. Owners were really sweet...

We each got the build-your-own large tacos. Choice of 4 fillings w/ 1 sauce for about $5. Y got sausage, rice, cactus, and poblano w/ red sauce. I got chicken, poblano, tomato, queso (anejo, IIRC) w/ tomatillo. Came in large, thick handmade corn tortillas. Fillings were a little on the sparse side, but everything was fresh and flavorful. Y's tasted like a Mexican jambalaya. Mine had a great spicy kick from the sauce! Also got housemade horchata for $2+. Very fresh tasting and subtly spiced, but had a grainy texture that, perhaps normal, wasn't appealing to me. Def. want to go back and try more, but would only do so if we weren't in a rush or w/ a large group. May be best on the weekend when there's more turnover. Just noticed that the chain, Baja Fresh, opened up across the street and was packed. Oh dear. Please, please patron Cafe Campesino instead!!

THE BUTTERY (www.butterybakery.com)
Um, see that picture below? BEST peanut cookie ever and only $1.25. Need I say more?

PS. Has anyone tried the other kiosk stand, Alfresco? They seemed to be getting more business than Campesino, but menu looked a little too Cal-healthy for me. And where can I find these tortas downtown?

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