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How to salvage a jar or shredded red cabbage?


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How to salvage a jar or shredded red cabbage?

Big Bad Voodoo Lou | Feb 20, 2006 01:09 AM

Hello all,

Stupid food question here (I seem to be good at those). I love cabbage, especially shredded in sauerkraut or cole slaw form. So I bought this big jar of shredded red cabbage at a farmer's market, a Polish import with mostly Polish writing on the label. It is HUGE. It's obviously marinated or pickled, but I don't really like the taste the way I like sauerkraut. It's just kind of salty and bland.

Are there any other ways I can present this cabbage, or dress it up, or pair it with other foods? A Middle Eastern grocery store used to have the BEST marinated shredded red cabbage that they'd put on falafel wraps, but I think that was more of an oil-and-vinegar marinade, and I could have eaten it plain with a fork. This stuff... not so much.

I've drained off most of the dark purple water, but I'm wondering if there's something I can do to salvage the rest of the cabbage, by giving it a new flavor. Can I rinse it in a colander and re-marinate it, in something like olive oil and vinegar with kosher salt and black pepper? Or will that make it soggier and nastier than it already is? I'll eat it all eventually on sandwiches, but it'll take months to get through the jar, if not longer. (I cannot waste food, even if I don't like it, so I'd rather make it into something I like.)

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