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Safeway Select Turkey Lasagna

2chez mike | Jan 5, 2006 06:18 PM

"Safeway Select" are house brand products available at Von's, Pavilions and Safeway on the west coast.
The full name is "Safeway Select, Gourmet Club, Premium Quality Turkey Lasagna". How many qualifiers does a product need?

All the qualifiers in the world couldn't help this one. Just tried this frozen entree product for the first time and boy was I disappointed. Imagine gluey overcooked lasagna noodles baked in a can of cream of turkey soup and tomato sauce, with shredded vegetables and "mozzerela cheese" sprinkled over the top. There was nothing resembling the texture of mozzerella cheese, ricotta or lasagna noodles in this product, as everthing had the same gooky, gluey consistency. The only recognizeable ingredients were the bits of turkey breast in the glop and the shredded carrot and red pepper on top.

A nightmarish combination of bad airplane, cafeteria and hospital food all slopped into one casserole.

Also, picked up a box of Safeway Select Garlic Toast(frozen, in a box) to go with the "lasagna". Couldn't eat that either. It tasted like the garlic spread was made from coconut fat instead margerine or butter.

Needless to say I returned both and they refunded my money.

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