Any rustic "caveman tech" gadgets in your kitchen?


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Any rustic "caveman tech" gadgets in your kitchen?

cgfan | May 20, 2009 05:01 PM

Just wondering what kind of kitchen gadgets are actually used by CH'ers that are as far removed from the industrial age as possible.

The most primitive items in my kitchen probably are:

* a heavy hand-operated (and hand-carved) Chinese millstone (not sure of the stone used, though)

* thin sticks of bamboo bundled together and simply tied into a whisk-like configuration; I use mine it to brush clean my Daikon grater under the faucet. I've also seen it used to clean the innards off the bone of some fish.

* a molcajete carved out of volcanic stone (a Mexican mortar and pestle)

* a surikogi - a rustic pestle whittled out of a thick branch of Japanese prickly ash (sansho) to use for my suribachi, a type of Japanese mortar)

* a chasen - a handcarved bamboo whisk used to prepare matcha (the tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony)

Not included in this list are various items that while simple uses more modern means of fabrication. Any items along similar lines in your kitchen that you'd care to share?

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