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Is it rude to go back and add to someone's tip?


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Is it rude to go back and add to someone's tip?

SweetPea914 | Oct 10, 2007 03:38 PM

Ok, I don't know if I should post this, but just can't help asking...
I have seen quite a few people state that they didn't think someone they dined with tipped enough. In these cases the person says they went back and added to the tip. In one example someone said they added to a 30% tip. Though, I'm honestly not trying to pick on any one person I have seen this come up a few times.
I'm not talking about large group dining where someone keeps part of the intended tips by undertipping. But rather, for example, I go to lunch with my Mom a lot. I tend to tip closer to 20%, Mom tips at 15%. Mom picks up the tab. Do I double check her tip and then add to it when she's not looking? Now I may get flamed for this, but to me that would be very rude and I would never do it. However, a lot of people seem to say that they do just that.
Thoughts from The Peanut Gallery?

Edit: To answer my own question further. Even if Mom (Or Dad, Grandma, Auny Maizy, Uncle Joe Etc ) tips 10% or 12%. I don't know exactly what anyone in my family really tips, but I would never dream of checking the tip of someone that just bought my lunch, dinner etc. I was always taught that if you're not paying the bill, you don't pick it up, or look at it for that matter.

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