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Rouladen anyone?


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Rouladen anyone?

T in DC | Oct 27, 2004 04:24 PM

The thread on Austrian foods got me thinking... My favorite dish at Oma’s (grandma’s) growing up was her rouladen. I recall some kind of thin beef, wiped with mustard, and wrapped around what may have been lard and cooked somehow so that the meat was tender and lent itself to a wonderful dark brown gravy. This was served with boiled potatoes (Saltzkartoffeln), and she omitted any type of pickle in the rouladen in deference to my tastes. Sadly, Oma has been gone for a long time. My mother made her version growing up, but filled the rouladen with a mixture of bread, peas and carrots – like a stuffing. While this was good, Mom never got the hang of the gravy and, for various reasons, avoids cooking and all talk of food these days and, thus, is not a help in recreating any version of this dish.

My husband makes these for me every year for my birthday based on recipes he’s found online and, unless I go into labor, rouladen time is almost upon us. His are very good, but still not right.

Does anyone have suggestions for the right cut of meat, type of seasoning, preparation, etc. that might yield a tender roulade in a dark brown sauce? If it helps, my German memories are centered around the Ruhr Valley.

Thanks, T.

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