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Roquefort Producers

Melanie Wong | May 27, 2013 10:32 AM

A few times Carles and Vieux Berger have been mentioned as the top two Roquefort producers on this Cheese board. I've only had the chance to try Gabriel Coulet (sometimes named as third in line), Papillon, and Societe'. In the San Francisco marketplace, Carles runs around $40 per pound (on the rare occasions it's available), Coulet about $27, and Societe, $16.

I'm wondering if those who have tasted more widely could please handicap the producers for us and describe the stylistic differences. I'd like to understand the quality vs. price comparison.

"The Secrets of Roquefort" lists the seven producers shown below:

Roquefort Papillon 8 bis ave de Lauras.

Roquefort Gabriel Coulet 3 ave de Lauras ,

Roquefort Société 2 ave François Galtier,

Roquefort Carles 6 ave de Lauras,

Yves Combes Roquefort Le Vieux Berger, Avenue du Combalou,

Vernières Frères Quartier Saint Jean,

Les Fromageries Occitanes Avenue de Lauras,

And this piece, "My Cheese, My Self", a personal tale of one woman's relationship with Roquefort, mentions that Societe makes three different varieties. What are the differences?

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