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The Rise and Fall of Chinese Buffets?


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The Rise and Fall of Chinese Buffets?

Ed Dibble | Dec 26, 2008 01:41 PM

Where I live, a number of large "Chinese" buffets opened, beginning around 2001. Before that time, there had been two or three small family run buffets, but most Chinese food in the area was menu service. Then, within a brief span of time, four buffets opened, each one seemingly more gigantic than its predecessors. Even the mainline establishment Chinese restaurant in the area went to buffets for lunch and dinner.

Of course, a number of smaller Chinese restaurants went out of business over the same time period.

Now, however, every one of those four large buffets has closed, the first one maybe two years ago and the last two within the past nine months. Even the establishment Chinese restaurant has returned to menu service at dinnertime.

I was wondering if this is some sort of a nationwide trend, or is this simply a fluke in my local area? Have you seen a rise and fall of Chinese buffets recently?


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