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Richmond - Mr Pizza Man’s Brazilian marmitex redux ... sort of

rworange | Oct 3, 200610:41 PM     5

The post about Mr. Pizza Man’s Brazilian food was one of those lost as part of the import, so no other information really exists about it.

Time for an update anyway since it had just been sold at the time of my report and I now have a little better understanding of Brazilian food.

A marmitex is a Brazilian boxed lunch. At Mr. Pizza Man I was told ‘a nice little girl from Brazil’, Rosa, cooks the food.

It can be anything that Rosa feels like cooking that day, usually some type of beef or chicken. There is also a fresh green salad, yucca, plantains, rice, a cooked vegetable and some of the most bacon-licious beans with lots of tasty little pieces of bacon.

A choice of canned soda or bottled Brazilian juice comes with the meal. All for $9 which is a price increase of fifty cents with the new ownership.

As for other Brazilian food ...

They also sell x-tudos, a Brazilian burger with bacon, sausage, frankfurter, cheese, beef patty, fried eggs, lettuce, tomato, corn and onions ... all in one French roll.

There are Brazilian sweet and savory pizzas

Brazilian Combo – chicken, green olives, tomato, onion, palm, bacon with ranch sauce

Brazilian Sweet Pizza – Cheese, white chocolate, raisins, peaches, plums and condensed milk

Brazilian banana pizza – cheese, banana, sugar, cinnamon, condensed milk

Banana calzone pizza - cheese, banana, sugar, cinnamon, condensed milk

My opinion is that this is the best of the Bay Area Brazilian pizzas which tend to be the soft doughy type. Mr. Pizza Man’s is still soft, but less doughy and yeastier, the thick cornmeal bottom giving it crispiness and chewiness.

Go with some of the most interesting of the 42 toppings, like the BBQ beef I enjoyed. The giant-sized slices are $2.70.

A few other interesting combos of the many:

The Latino – Cheese, Guadalajara sauce, black olives, beef, onions, jalapeños, chorizo sausage, and ranchero cheese.

Carne Asada – Grilled steak, red onions, Monterey jack, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, cilantro and tomato sauce

Richmond Special - BBQ roast beef and beef ribs, BBQ hickory sauce and mozzarella

Seafood special – clams, shrimp and crab

Some toppings in addition to the same old, same old ... green, red or white onions ... peppers - red, yellow, green bell or roasted red ...salmon, pine nuts and asparagus.

They also have 16 entrees, 15 appetizers and side orders, 20 pastas, and 17 sandwiches which includes a Philly cheese steak.

Currently, other than the marmitex, they are Italian and American.

Back to the marmitex ...

The chicken is usually the better choice. It is long cooked and fall apart tender and delicious. One thing I’ve since learned is that Brazilians add tiny hot little bottled peppers call pimenta to food.

So I went back to try out my two bottles of pimento I bought from the Brazilian grocery store up the street, Sabor Brazil. There are bottles of pimenta malagueta available at Mr. Pizza man too, so no need to supply your own. It seems most Brazilian pizza joints have the pimentas, so just ask.

The green salad was fresh, crisp and nicely dressed with a light vinaigrette. It had romaine, cucumbers, onions and a bit of tomato. Good on its own, extra tasty with pimenta added.

Only beef was available on my recent visit. The four large, dense cubes of beef were subtly spiced and, again, the flavor perked up with the pimenta.

Rosa likes butter. The yucca here is soft and deliciously buttery. The plantains can be a little greasy, but, but ... buttery good. Sometimes the veggies are cooked perfectly, sometimes, like today’s too-cooked broccoli they can run on the soft side. But butter to the rescue.

It is the rice and bacony beans that star. No peppers on the beans. They are just too, too good.

The Richmond Mr. Pizza Man also has a few shelves of Brazilian groceries.

The original Brazilian owners moved back to Brazil this year after their children were grown. The new owner is slowly upgrading. There is a new entrance and the restaurant is a little neater with the groceries now behind glass shelves. They said there will be some major redecorating.

They have applied for a liquor license and there are plans to add more Brazilian food like salgadinhos (snacks/appetizers).

I went to Mr. Pizza Man as a joke. In San Francisco it was the worst pizza I ever had in my life. All Mr. Pizza Man shops are not created equally. This one is independently owned and operated since 1990.

I re-read my word document of my original post. Good riddance. Note to self, stick to writing about the food.

Mr Pizza Man


353 24th Street (on the same block as the MacDonald Ave McDonald’s)
Richmond, CA 94804

Open 365 days a year

Free delivery with minimum $10 order

Deliveries Sunday - Friday: 10 am - 2 pm
Deliveries Friday - Saturday: 10 am - 3 am

I suspect those are the hours of the shop too. There are a few tables. Nothing fancy, bare-bones décor right now ... tables, chairs, walls, ceiling, floor.

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