Considering a rice cooker


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Considering a rice cooker

sasha1 | Sep 13, 2007 02:54 PM

I follow instructions on rice but am frequently not as happy with my home results compared to the rice I get in a restaurant. So I'm curious to get your thoughts on these questions:

Do you use a rice cooker or your existing kitchen equipment to cook rice (i.e., pot in most cases, maybe microwave, steamer for sticky rice, etc.)?

If you bought a rice cooker, was your reaction after having it awhile (a) how did I ever live without this or (b) great, now I have another gadget to clutter up my kitchen?

Is there a limit to the type of rice a cooker will cook? Can it handle long grain? Short grain in a given. Basmati? Jasmine? Wild rice? Brown rice? You get this gist. I won't be making my risotto in there I know...

Do you need to go through extra steps compared to a saucepot, such as rinsing and soaking? Or can you throw it all together in the 1/2 hour that it takes to make rice with a pot and some boiling water?

Finally, if the consensus is positive, what is a good middle of the range brand?


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