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Retiring Older Threads and/or Incorporating a Lock Option


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Retiring Older Threads and/or Incorporating a Lock Option

Pamela | Jul 9, 2006 07:07 PM

First of all, this website is positively amazing! I have been so impressed with both the website administrators--particularly with respect to their prompt responses to readers' suggestions and critiques. I've also been impressed with the readers/posters' recommendations, reviews, and assistance on all things related to food.

With that said, now that I am now a devoted reader of Chowhound, I have one suggestion I'd like to put out there.

I've noticed (and I know a lot of other readers have as well) that some of the new Chowhounds are responding to very, very old threads. For instance, some of the threads that were originally posted two years ago or more are now moved to the front of the line, to the current boards.

It doesn't make much sense for people to reply to such old messages. By then, the original post is obsolete. I wonder if the Chowhound administrators would consider RETIRING older threads. I'm not suggesting that they delete the thread entirely, but simply retire them. One thought is to put a LOCK on the older threads. This allows people to continue to read the older threads, and search for relevant topics, but DISALLOWS people from posting any additional responses.

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