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OK to ask for a restricted tasting menu?


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OK to ask for a restricted tasting menu?

mayache | Jun 9, 2010 11:13 AM

I am a big fan of chef creativity, never had a tasting menu at a restaurant but would like to try. However, I do keep somewhat Kosher -- I'll eat in places without a kosher kitchen, but won't eat any unkosher animals (e.g. no pork, shellfish, or rabbit). In say an 8-course tasting menu, at least one or two of these courses is bound to have something I can't eat. Is it OK (I assume I'd have to call ahead) to ask for a tasting menu excluding the above ingredients? Or would most chefs refuse to do a custom tasting menu like that?

At my favorite sushi place (Kaito in San Diego), I generally get an omakase with no shellfish, but I feel that is not being as restrictive and they are known for being responsive to customer requests.

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