Responsive cookware and related techniques

valveeta300b | Nov 19, 201911:06 PM     114

For those who haven’t been around all the cool kids have been reading this thread. https://www.chowhound.com/post/perfor...
To keep it short the thread focuses on finding the most even cookware for induction hobs.

It’s intriguing to see a universally praised line like Atlantis knocked down a peg or two over one aspect of its cooking on induction. I appreciate that we can question such an expensive well built line in a (mostly) fair manner.

I guess on the other end of the spectrum I’m trying to get an understanding of responsive cookware from both an equipment and cooking technique standpoint. It’s an aspect of cooking that gets mentioned here enough but I haven’t found anything in depth on the subject.

My commercial disc setup has impressed me with its even heating and retention, but I guess it’s not the most responsive stuff. There’s a lot I don’t know about cooking techniques, but the things I have learned seem to thrive on this equipment.

I’m trying to push my understanding of what kinds of dishes and techniques synergize with responsive cookware. At this point I only vaguely understand it’s helpful for sauce making & copper tends to be a shortcut to get there. Maybe Tarte Tatin would benefit as well?

On the equipment side of things what styles of pan tend to thrive with responsive materials? My best understanding is sauce pans, windsors, and sauciers would be a start. Material wise I understand thinner tri-ply, thin and probably thick copper, and copper bottomed cookware such as Atlantis and Sitram catering seem to be somewhere on the right track of things.

Based on my commercial lines Sitram catering would be a close match but that doesn’t really exist any more and the induction version seems rare. Paderno tri-ply would sort of fit in and have the benefit of induction compatibility.

I could grab a Baumalu 12-20cm sauce pan 5 pack for about 80$ which would probably work well with my garbagetastic coil stove. Obviously it loses out on induction but it’s affordable enjoyable tinned copper. The Atlantis 2qt saucepans seem to regularly go for about 120$ and benefit from having welded handles, silvinox finish, induction compatibility, and copper in the base. I’ve seen NOS Apollo sauciers for 99$ as well.

If I pulled the trigger this moment the Baumalu set would be the most likely based on value and snooty French cool factor. I would like to do a little growing in to what I already have and get a better understanding of responsive cooking before I consider any of this.

I’m really curious what Chowhoundlandia might consider the most responsive cookware and if it would be different for induction. What dishes are you making regularly where this comes in to play? Is this an everyday aspect of your cooking or a rarity?

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