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No Reservations - Jersey


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No Reservations - Jersey

applehome | Aug 8, 2005 11:21 PM

I enjoyed this - even more than Paris and certainly more than Iceland. In fact Iceland left me cold... I kept wondering, why? Why in the middle of winter? Why eat that rotten shark stuff? Again?

But New Jersey redeems him. That he went to places I've been to, gives me a firm reference. I understand the irreverence in Mitsuwa about Hello Kitty and the other Japanese marketing icons. And using Mario was a gem... in fact they should do a series - Mario is the perfect foil for Anthony's tomfoolery. The ending, of course, is both classic and on the mark...

Compared to his previous series, he's definitely less into details and tends to hit more places (both in terms of food and travel) at a glossier level. But he does give some time, when the subject calls for it, like he did for the cheese and bread couple on this show.

Overall, this is just so much more entertaining than anything on foodtv.

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