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Help me recreate Philadelphia Roast Pork Sandwich


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Help me recreate Philadelphia Roast Pork Sandwich

AJSoprano | Oct 27, 2010 10:00 PM

DISCLAIMER: I'm posting on the Philly board because I want input from the people who understand and appreciate the true sandwich that represents our city.

I have a good idea of the basic ingredients I want to use, but just wanted to pass it by you guys to see if I could get any more pointers. Although it goes by a common name, I feel like the roast pork sandwich has many iterations that arise from the diversity of both cooking technique and ingredients. This is my self-concocted recipe going by the flavors and textures I get from a roast pork sandwich.

Cut of meat: pork shoulder (bone in), skin removed leaving fat around the periphery

Marinate overnight: salt, black pepper, onion, olive oil, rosemary (fennel seed? celery? carrot?)

Cooking: slow oven roast inside dutch oven (lid on) above a roasting rack placed inside
(not sure if this is a dry roast or a braise +chicken broth?). From the accounts of others I have heard that the pork shoulder should release enough liquid on its own. The Tony Luke's recipe I found online mentioned specifically that the meat never cooks inside it's own juice. Not sure if this contradicts George's or DiNic's. A dry roast pork would be the worst thing possible. Once cooked thoroughly meat should hopefully be fork tender and I will break down the meat into slices/chunks. Based on what I heard, DiNic's soaks the meat in the roasting broth overnight and then it's ready to serve the following day.

Bread: Amoroso's

As for condiments, I'm going for a roasted hot pepper, provolone as my personal preference. Rabe would be ideal, but I'll save it for another day.

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