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One of the reasons I am glad I learned how to cook


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One of the reasons I am glad I learned how to cook

DavidH | Apr 28, 2002 07:12 PM

I am not a gourmet cook, neither a great cook and more than likely not even a good cook but darn it I can make some very eatable tasty things and I especially like the variety of items I can put on the table without buying it off the shelf.

Today the weather turned cold, nasty and rainy. I needed something hot to go with a salad. I sauted some onions, celery and carrots (I shred the carrots with a veg pealer and then dice them as I do not like biting into a piece of carrot in a soup) then made a quick roux and poured in 4 cups of milk and 2 cups of water(stock may have been better). I grabbed 3 cans of butter beans from the pantry ( I had bought these for some testing) and drained and rinsed them and threw them in. The lowly seldom mentioned butter bean is somewhat bland (I like the canned ones because they are uniformly tan and a soft texture) so you can load up on the spices etc. I think I used some s&p, garlic powder, basil, chives, cayene and parsley. Twenty minutes at a simmer and then with a stick blender I turned about 20 percent of it to a mush. This made a pretty good soup, not great but very good for a cold day and for only about 4 bucks.

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