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Raw milk cheese


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Raw milk cheese

Doktor Faustus | Apr 15, 2005 11:16 AM

I was reading in a 1996 book about cheese (maybe named "The Cheese Primer", written by a cheese monger in New York) that importing raw milk cheeses (meaning unpasteurized milk was used to make the cheese)was substantially illegal. An exception was provided for cheeses that were aged 60 days or more, but several important variety of French cheeses didn't qualify and hence were regrettably unavailable in US markets. One of these was Reblochon. This raw milk cheese was said typically to be aged 50 to 55 days, but this left it illegal for importation. Some distributors arranged to have Reblochon aged the few additional days needed to satisfy the law, but the cheese availability was stated to be rare or unavailable in the US.

Yet, I can pretty commonly find this cheese in several cheese markets in Dallas, Texas. Has the law regarding raw milk cheeses changed?

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