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snoboardbabe77 | Nov 6, 2008 07:19 AM

I got married on Saturday and my reception was at Kozlaks. I'm going to rave here-so be prepared. First, the Kozlak-Satt family is extraordinarily accommodating. We received the best service from the moment we decided to choose the place. I chose the restaurant because I wanted great service, good food and affordability. Since my fiance and I at the time, were going to be paying for the wedding ourselves, and since we refused to use any credit cards or take out any loans, we wanted a reasonable place that wouldn't sacrifice quality. I received.

We had almost 200 guests. We had people chose between supreme chicken, beef medallions with bernaise sauce or walleye amandine. I was not charged anything additional other than the price of the meal - (most wedding venues will charge extra money for the lowest price entree) - and inclusive of the meal price is their famed carrot cake with amaretto cream cheese frosting and caramel sauce. It is not buffet - it is plated service. Each was served with a caesar salad full of croutons, black pepper and parmesan cheese.

I received more than 25 compliments from individuals who came to the reception (other than close friends and families) about the food. The food arrived plenty hot, with a baked potato and very crisp haricot verts - but the compliment I received most often was about the beef - the fact that it was piping hot and that it was prepared med-to-medium rare. I do not eat beef but my beef-eaters told me that a bit bloody is the true way it should be prepared.

Yes, I realize that I didn't have a reception at Vincents, 112 or Restaurant Alma -our top notch restaurants - but truth be told? For 200 people, 3 full entrees, platters of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, mini-reubens, a keg of beer, 18 bottles each of red and white wine, bottles of wine on each table for our families, and at our own table, plus the carrot cake - and included for the food/beverage minimum - of pop, coffee, tea, water, the mirrors, the decorations and for having the set up there - my final bill was $7711.60 including surcharge and gratuity, tax and liquor tax. Personally, in this day and age, I think that is relatively inexpensive, heck, even "cheap"....and none of it looked that way. More importantly, as foodies - it was service and outstanding food. You're right-prepping a baked potato, etc. is not a difficult thing-but the true taste of the food - is what came through and I am pleased to say that Kozlaks had my guests talking - and complimenting and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Beyond that, they're personable and give you all the extra attention you deserve without adding on to the price tag.

Of course I had my reception there, so the likelihood that I would give it a bad review is slim to none - but for the money, you can't get a bigger bang for the buck without comprising quality.


the New Mrs. Miller

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