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Rave: Asian Fusion

Eric | Oct 20, 2004 04:04 PM

Let me start out by saying that when I was in college, I had all these Asian roommates that used to take old rice from the fridge or the rice cooker and toss it in the frying pan with some veggies and an egg and some soy sauce and *poof*, like magic, fried rice. OK, maybe not magic, but it always came out really really good, and I could never quite do it exactly the same.

Fast forward to today. I was starving. I had some leftovers in the office fridge - rice with spices and stuff left over from the grilled salmon platter at Legends on 22nd and P (which deserves its very own rave) that I had for lunch yesterday, as well as some nasty omelet concoction that I had gotten to go from a steam table at O Salad Mio on Connecticut and N this morning. (Although, let's be fair to them. I was in a rush because I was already late, and even though I really just wanted to order an omelet sandwich fresh off the grill, I saw it out there and got myself a styrofoam box against my better judgement. The hash browns and grits were both great, though. But I digress.)

So, looking at this stuff, I had an idea. I took all the rice, dumped it on a plate, and took my cold eggs with tomatoes and onions and peppers thing which I was kind of surprised I saved at all, and mixed it together with takeout packets of soy sauce that were lying around in the office silverware drawer. I stuck it in the microwave and prayed.

Surprisingly, it came out better than gross - actually, pretty good. Maybe it's not actually asian fusion - in fact, from the microwave, it's probably closer to asian fission - but I was left full and satisfied, and glad that I hadn't just blown too much cash for some dolled up something or other.

That's it.

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