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race/ethnicity as a food topic


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race/ethnicity as a food topic

mpls brat | Jan 17, 2007 03:52 PM

I have seen a number of posts questioning the race or ethnicity of particular restauranteurs, ("ethnic viet" on outer boroughs) or questioning the ethnic makeup of a particular area of town. (Repeated references to the possible bangladeshi origin of restaurant staff in the 6th st indian places in NYC.) when I have tried to point out that I think this is bordering on racism, Chowhound removes my posts. Am I crazy? When someone starts a post talking about the ethnic origins of the staff of a restaurant, isn't that kind of appropriate critique? My question is always, what does the ethnicity of the restauranter have to do with the quality of their food? people of different ethnicities can learn to cook food that they are not native to, and of course, this is NYC, no one who is cooking anything other than hot dogs is cooking in the foods' native location. sorry if I offended anyone but I am new to the site, and am stunned by the attitude that this is a normal topic.

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