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Just a Few Questions on Feeding the Chowpup


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Just a Few Questions on Feeding the Chowpup

Jane Hathaway | Sep 23, 2004 05:32 PM

I know this subject has been well-covered on this board. I actually printed out many useful tips from the board several years ago before we even decided for sure to have a baby (just in case). Now it's time to start feeding the baby (six months old) solids and I need just a bit more advice. Like most people on this board, I am hoping to raise an adventurous eater. I'm currently feeding her cereal and pureeing other things for her (so far just fruits and vegetables). So far she loves oatmeal and guacamole (I do make exceptional guac, if I do say so myself) and has zero interest in anything else. She has gamely eaten a few bites of peas, sweet potatoes and bananas (all made by me), but I can tell she doesn't like them and stops opening her mouth after a few bites. I figure I'll just go back to these items again in a few weeks and see if she likes them any better.

So that's been my basic strategy so far. I'd like to get around to serving her a pureed form of what we eat fairly quickly (once some basic foods have been introduced). My biggest question is: how much spice can a baby tolerate? I cook a lot of Indian, Mexican and Italian. I use a lot of cumin. Do you usually set aside something for the baby before you finish adding spices or just feed the baby what you eat?

Any other tips would be most appreciated. I think we're on track, but it's always so helpful to get a fresh perspective from people who have done it before. Thank you so much.

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