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Question about chocolate banana muffins


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Question about chocolate banana muffins

Head Gazelle | Oct 13, 2002 08:37 PM

I am busy :) ripening some bananas to use in the recipe for chocolate banana muffins, which appeared in the thread on 6 banana banana bread (link below). Looking over the recipe, I have what may be a really dumb question--but I'd rather be dumb than up to my eyeballs in batter.

The recipe calls for, among other things, 5 eggs, and measures of various dry and wet ingredients, for a total of over 11 1/2 cups. However, it then mentions filling what seems to be a single muffin tin, 1/2 cup capacity, with the batter. Will all this fit into one muffin tin? (Mathematically, it seems improbable, unless the combination of certain ingredients causes them to lose volume.) If not, how many muffin tins do I need to borrow to augment my lone tin?


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