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queens: the lesson plan?

nlalli | Dec 26, 201405:18 PM     13

my boyfriend has only lived in new york for 2 years and has barely been to queens. we have decided to each design a course where we teach the other one about something over about 6 weeks, and i want my "class" to be queens eating.

he's a good eater and loves all kinds of stuff--especially spicy food, organ meat, and fermented fish. can you guys help me narrow down this borough into about six trips? i'm thinking each will focus on a different cuisine, though it could include a few places... he cares a lot about mexican and argentine food, so i want to include those, plus has never been to new world food mall, so that's a no-brainer. also was thinking indian and thai. i've always wanted to go to the hindu temple canteen in flushing, and for argentine was thinking la esquilla criolla??

non-food pastime suggestions are welcome, too, because we might need to take some breaks to digest! thank you!

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