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Quality of Food akin to Amount of Wine Consumed


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Quality of Food akin to Amount of Wine Consumed

ValL | Feb 13, 2005 10:55 AM

Im a lowbrow type of eater, if you cant tell already. Just for once I wanted to try a higher-end restaurant for Vday but of course not on Vday itself. I am a bit timid about trying this type of restaurant because Im afraid of being disappointed. I gather that most of the people on this board drink wine, and I dont. Do any of the non-drinkers tagging along think the food is as good as the drinkers? I know there is at least one of you here, also a few that are expecting. I know what drinking can do to peoples taste buds-my next door neighbor lost his house because he couldnt stop drinking. In his last few weeks he was eating sauerkraut mixed with pork & beans with mustard, and did no complaining. If this does not get deleted, thanks in advance.

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