Pricing strangeness


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Pricing strangeness

MartyB | Aug 24, 2009 10:11 AM

I went to Gourmet Glatt on Friday and saw at the Chap A Nash counter a piece of white Turkey breast. I asked the person at the counter how much it was. He said - sliced or unsliced. I said what is the cost for each. He said $6/lb unsliced, $15/lb sliced. $9/lb to slice turkey breast?

Gourmet Glatt is a nice store and has a few items on sale, but expensive. I went there on Friday because Brachs ran out of roasted chickens (they had fried but my diet excludes it). I headed to Gourmet Glatt and bought 2 chickens and two sides (cole slaw and cucumber salad). The total at Brachs would have been $20 (their prices went up). Total at Gourmet Glatt for the same was $34! $10/chicken (no sides) and the cole slaw and cucumber salad was $7/lb. For $30 I could have gotten from Traditions 2 chickens, 3 sides, 6 slices gefilta fish and two quarts of chicken or chicken gumbo soup.

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