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Pre-made pie crusts & best fresh apple source for pies?


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Pre-made pie crusts & best fresh apple source for pies?

rworange | Sep 6, 2006 09:02 PM

Ok, my yearly pie urge is here.

Who will have good apples as of this week? Favorite vendor or market and/or variety for pie? I'm leaning toward Gravenstein if it isn't too late in the season.

Also, what would be the best pre-made pie crust? Be nice. My second post on Chowhound was this exact same question. I was broiled by the bakers on the board ...

"Modern technology ie. food processors has transformed pie crust making from an art into a push of a button that any idiot can do in 5 minutes."

Re-reading that post, it is NOT as unpleasant as remembered. However, I was new and my answer wasn't being, well, answered. No wonder I like you so much Ruth. You took a little of the sting out of that post. Might be your fault that I stuck around on Chowhoud.

There has to be some new frozen pie crusts out there. Any bakeries that will sell dough? I didn't look closely, but it seemed Berkeley Bowl had a good selection.

Does Andronico's still sell French Picnic pie crusts, mentioned in my long, ago post (I went with Nancy's, IIRC).

Anyone with baking advice ... I am contemplating making my own crust ... here are my questions on Home Cooking.

If the suggestions are good enough and all goes well ... yeah, remember who you are Krys and the USUAL results ... I might even be inspired to post my first picture on Chowhound

Heck, I might even photograph a screaming failure. It would document what I've been saying about my cooking skills all these years.

Yeah ... hyped ... really hyped.

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