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Praise for de Buyer

Sirrith | Aug 21, 2013 02:41 AM

Just wanted to share how impressed I am with my de Buyer carbon steel pans. I used my brand new la lyonnaise blue steel (the thinnest ones) pan this morning to fry an egg, something I was quite nervous about doing after failing miserably with my CI skillet. The pan was only seasoned once with the potato peel and then lard method, so I added perhaps a bit more butter than I would normally like (about 1-1/4 tsp), cracked the egg into the pan, and crossed my fingers. I was absolutely delighted when I tried jiggling the egg around and it slid! Cleanup was so easy as well, just ran it under some hot water and brushed a few times with a scrubbing brush (just out of habit, there were no bits stuck on at all), wiped down, and done.

I used to be a CI fan, but after experiencing this, I'm seriously considering ditching my 9" Lodge for a 9" Mineral B.

I also have a heavier Force Bleu 12" skillet which I use for larger meals and have nothing but praise for either.

*happy rant over*

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