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Loeb | Jul 6, 2002 08:21 AM

Thanks, Chowhounds for all your advice! Our timing up here was off--the hours to explore have been limited and the 5-day holiday weekend closed a bunch of options.

Garden Fresh on Main has closed. A deli will open in its place.
There's a Mexican bakery on Main downtown but it was (temporarily) closed before 6 so we can't report.
Julie's on Raymond across from Vassar had fresh turkey sandwiches and homemade soups. Solid Greek diner food, nice service.
Mole Mole on Main was on vacation. (Aaaargh!)
Vassar Sushi (across from Julie's) on Raymond looks like it will be open for the class of 2002.
Cobbablu had really great ciabatta (I think that's what it was). Gazpacho could have been amazing, but it was way oversalted.
Joe's on Main is becoming [Big?] Shirley's Soul Food.
Beech Tree was jammed before the theatre and we needed to rush so we didn't get there.
Chan's on Raymond was cheap and serviceable and handy when everywhere else was mobbed or closed.
We really liked the Saigon Cafe on LaGrange, run by the husband-wife team. I'm in love with the barbecued lime chicken there, in any form, and their non-alcoholic pina colada was perfect on a 100-degree day. We're hoping to try the bahn mi before we leave Monday.

There's a Farmers Market on Raymond across from Vassar every Thursday afternoon. I preferred it to the one in Rhinebeck, but to be fair I was after produce; not venison or lamb. The cheeses looked great at both places (same company, maybe? A woman at the Vassar booth told me she was trained by Jonathan White).

Casa Latina on Main has an amazing selection of Mexican spices and fair prices on other staples like milk and eggs.

We couldn't plan for a CIA sit-down meal, but really enjoyed a couple of visits to the Apple Pie Bakery and our tour. I'd recommend the "low fat cherry muffins," and their salads. The granitas were too sweet for us, but perhaps that's granita nature. Our 5-year-old went crazy for their sleek chocolate-peanut butter bombe. It was too much for him so we made him share.

Non-food events included a visit to the Aerodrome (well worth it, just make sure your kid doesn't get lost), the Champion outlet (kid's CIA T-shirt $2), Morse museum, Innisfree gardens, Rhinebeck (Blondie's is great for kids--good fries. Just ask them to cook your burger). The Mid-Hudson Children's museum moved to the waterfront near the train station (off Main, downtown). It wasn't crowded and kept us occupied for 4 hours. Some Vassar students were painting murals on an empty lot on Raymond (next to Taco Land which seems to be a chain up here)so we joined them. Hyde Park had a small 7/4 parade. Hoping to get to the Church estate in Hudson. We want to see everything else you guys recommended.

If we find a great taqueria before we leave we'll let you know.

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