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Portuguese Cherry Liquor from Lisbon - Ginja / Ginjinha


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Portuguese Cherry Liquor from Lisbon - Ginja / Ginjinha

Krys | Mar 18, 2005 02:03 AM

In SF we had a Portuguese chowdown where one of the hounds brought a liquor from Portugual called ginja. It seems there are little bars in Lisbon that sell this liquor. I liked it very much. The bottle even had the little cherries in the bottom.

During the dinner I volunteered to look up some more info about it on the web. What I've from the web. If anyone has any more insight, it would be welcome.

In the excellent link on the bottom about gingina bars, it says it is Morello cherries in aguardente, a Portuguese grappa like brandy. It is also spelled Ginjinha for anyone wanting to search around.

In the next link,

Rick Steves has a slightly different take. He says

"In the late afternoon, for a quintessential Lisbon drink, duck into one of the funky hole-in-the-wall shops throughout town and ask for a ginginha (zheen-zheen-yah). Sold for about a buck a shot, it's a sweet liquor made from the sour cherry-like ginja berry, sugar, and schnapps. The only choices are: With or without berries (com or sem fruta ) and gelada if you want it from a chilled bottle out of the fridge-very nice. In Portugal when someone is impressed by the taste of something, they say, " Sabe melhor que nem ginjas " (It tastes even better than ginja). "

Link with a little about the Morello Cherry with recipes.

I guess my few questions are why is this liquor specific to Lisbon. Is that where these cherries grow?

Is there one brand better than another.

How this this all start?

Just for fun, this link has a picture of one of the Ginjinha bars (third picture)


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