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Portugese Aguardiente - Grappa at 1/4 the Price


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Portugese Aguardiente - Grappa at 1/4 the Price

StriperGuy | Feb 3, 2005 01:33 PM

I recently had the pleasure of sampling some Portugese Aguardiente at a local restaurant and was impressed by how tasty it was, and what a dead ringer it was for fine Italian Grappa.

I suppose Marc is Marc is Marc.

So I stopped by a local Portugese liquor store to see what they had. They had several to chose from, all at the (brace yourself) exhorbitant price of $15-17 a liter. The one I picked out was "Aged" for one year.

If you are a Grappa fan, you gotta try this stuff. It is every bit as good as the finest grappa. I want to dash back to the store and try them all before they figure it out.

A comparable Grappa would be $40-80 a bottle these days. Jacopo Poli - Grappa Barrique aged Rsv is $79.99 for 750ml.

I suppose this is what buying Grappa was like 30 years ago when it was crusty old guys drinking and it had not gotten so trendy.

Jacopo Poli eat your heart out.

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