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Portugal Trip Report

demigodh | May 26, 201905:31 AM     3

I'm about 2/3 of the way through my trip and wanted to share an update while I remember most of it. Being that I'm still on vacation I will keep this to the point.

Incomun - Had tasting menu there on the first night. 5 courses and only 40 something euros. It was excellent. Every course was great and the olive oil cake dessert was special.

Apeadeiro - Had lunch there and it was not particularly good. One tip is the picture menu seems to be huge shareable portions. We ordered off what I assume is the lunch menu and the food was mediocre. One cool note though is after we finished the put two glasses and bottle of port down on the table presumably for free. We didn't want to drink but it was a pretty cool touch.

Azenhas do Mar - Had dinner here about a 15-20 minute drive from Sintra. We had a car so it was easy to do and you can hit some other tourist spots on the way. The meal was solid but now that I've been to another marisqueira in Lisbon I can say it wasn't the best. The view is spectacular though, it was a very romantic meal.

Then we road tripped to Porto with a stop in Obidos for ginja which was fine but you can find it in every city with the chocolate cups so no need to go there just for ginja and we went to Agueda de Cima for leitoes.

Casa Vidal - In Agueda de Cima, had leitoes which was delicious. Maybe the best roast pork of my life but not by a huge margin so need to go out of your way for it. If you're passing through though it's definitely worth the stop.

Aveiro - stopped for an Ovo Mole at a random bakery. You have to really like egg yolk to enjoy it as it's not very adulterated. I do like egg yolk so i enjoyed it.


O Buraco - Traditional Portuguese food. Service wasn't rude but it wasn't friendly either, you gotta make it happen for yourself. Was hoping to get Tripas a Modas but they only serve it on Friday and Saturday so instead got Aleira and Mackerel. The Aleira was fried and delicious. The mackerel was incredible. Fried and extremely good. Highly recommended but don't expect to be hand held there.

Conga - Went there for franceschina and bifana and ended up going back the next day for another bifana. They only cost 2.20 and are amazing. Get two for a meal or swing by for a snack as they're not very big. A little on the spicy side, especially for Portugal, so if you hate spicy food don't get it.

Bohlao Market - went to a charcuterie stand there and got amazing pata negra. He will vacuum seal it so you can fly back with it very easily.

Le Maison Rouge 48 - Adorable french owner Marguerite makes the place special. You eat in the cellar of her home and there's only 5 tables. The food was all a solid B but it's the rare occasion for me where ambiance/service can outshine the food. I would definitely go back.

Douro Valley

Not food related but went to Croft which is basically in Pinhao and they have a great drinking area where you can enjoy the view while drinking some wine or port. Then went to Crasto which as an insane view however it's by appointment only and we didn't have an appointment so we couldn't stay.

Quinta Nova - went here after we left Crasto and ate at the restaurant. 3 course meal for something around 40 euros. It was fantastic. In particular the octopus was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately it was the first (and so far only) octopus of the trip so it's possible it was just average for Portugal but it's definitely the best octopus of my life. I will have more in Lisbon though and will update this post so I may downgrade it here shortly.


Ze Manel de Osso - Stopped in Coimbra during the drive down to Lisbon on a Saturday. Arrived at the restaurant at 12:25 and there was one group in front of us in the line and the restaurant had just sat everyone else so we basically had to wait for one complete service before sitting (about 45 minutes to an hour). The restaurant is very cool and small and tucked away in an alley but the feijoada (made with boar) wasn't great. A year ago I went to Sao Paolo so maybe my expectations were unrealistic but I wouldn't wait an hour to eat there again.


Pesqueiro 25 - Had a great meal at this marisqueira. They do a pre-set platter for 75 euros that could definitely feed 3 people. Came with crab, crab salad, shrimp, oysters, clams, barnacles and cockles. The crab salad was disgusting but everything else was great. Especially the shrimp and cockles. Finished with a tuna sandwich and a steak sandwich (tuna was better).

Time Out Market - Went Sunday morning and had the daily special from one of the stalls which was Duck Rice. It was good but nothing special. I'm gathering that these rice dishes are a thing here so definitely worth getting - they're like a slightly more boring paella. The market is awesome and there's a lot of high quality stuff to try. We also got ice cream from Santini (the peanut and salted caramel flavor was amazing) and a mediocre eclaire.

I have three more days in Lisbon so I'll try to update this when I'm done with the rest of my meals including Loco on our last night.

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