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Pork Loin - butchery question

e_bone | Jun 24, 201206:00 PM

In Denver right now it's off-the-charts hot. We are in the middle of what will probably be 7 days in the row over 95 degrees. My 10 year old son today said " I'll bet in Africa right now they're saying "geeeze... it's hot as Colorado out here today.. " Apologies to anyone in Arizona, Mojave desert, Fresno, etc.. as I'm sure it's substantially worse there.

Anyway.. all cooking from today forward must occur outdoors. I'm putting the stove and oven in a garage sale.

Tomorrow night I'm going to make teriyaki-styled grilled pork loin (I have a 3lb roast that was on sale). I'd like to increase the marinade-to-surface ratio so I thought I'd cut it into chops before marinating. So a few questions..

1. Is there any certain technique to cutting the chops other than perpendicular across the loin? I will trim any obvious chunks of fat but wondering if there's any other technique to this.
2. I want to use pineapple juice in the sauce and in the marinade but I know pineapple can turn meat to mush .. anyone have a method that gives me the sweet pineapple flavor without making the pork feel pre-digested?

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