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Pomme, Peachtree & Ward Review (Wedding)

JohnTalbotWannabe | Jun 25, 201602:44 PM     5

We got married at Pomme in October 2015. When considering wedding venues, we were won over by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Pomme. There was one negative review, and when we inquired, Pomme had a reasonable explanation. We are incredibly surprised and disappointed to now be writing another negative review. (This was co-written with my wife, so it’s mostly from a bride’s perspective.)


As detailed below, most glaring was the coordinator Lisa’s (i) inattention to detail and (ii) surprisingly hostile tone.

We are not a high maintenance couple and did not have unreasonable expectations. We also in no way expected everything on our wedding day to be perfect. Yet after all of the planning, I wanted to have fun and relax on our wedding day. But Lisa made that difficult.

Notwithstanding those failures, Pomme is a beautiful venue. We had an amazing time at our wedding because we married one another and were surrounded by family and friends. We just wish so much that we could look back and say that everything Pomme did was terrific and smooth. But instead, it was not.


When we read other reviews about Pomme’s amazing attention to detail, we feel that we had our wedding at a different venue. Throughout the wedding planning process, including numerous calls and conversations, I clearly communicated all relevant details that were important to me (of which there were not that many; I was fairly go with the flow) to Lisa. My goal was for Lisa to coordinate the wedding, as her title implied, so that on my wedding day I could be more or less in the moment.

Unfortunately, however, I felt responsible for many of the details throughout the wedding day and often had to be the point person for making the wedding run smoothly. On the day of the wedding, Pomme left us hanging on too many occasions and a number of items that were important to us were not executed.

WALK THROUGH: Lisa and I discussed several times the need for a walk-through rehearsal. She repeatedly assured me that this was not a big deal and that she would instruct the bridal party while my husband and I had our first look earlier in the afternoon. When the time came, one of my bridesmaids was still having her makeup done. Rather than push it back a few minutes or instruct the rest of the bridal party, Lisa never held a rehearsal. When I raised it later, about twenty minutes before the ceremony, she said it didn’t happen as scheduled and now there was no time. This was disappointing for a number of reasons. First, twenty minutes before my wedding, I should not have been thinking about whether a professional wedding coordinator was remembering to execute the very few scheduled items we had discussed countless times; I should have been savoring the moment. Second, I imagine that every wedding has issues like a bridesmaid’s makeup running a few minutes late. That Lisa’s response to this was to entirely abandon the discussed rehearsal is remarkable.

Most importantly, Lisa’s “coordination” (or lack thereof) led to confusion among the bridal party. It was very important to my husband and me that our parents stand next to us during the wedding under our chuppah. But because there was no walk-through, Lisa gave very brusque instructions literally seconds before family members went down the aisle, instructing “men to the left” and “women to the right.” As a result, our parents were separated from one another, not standing together in couples and not next us. Did any of our guests notice? Probably a few. Did it completely downgrade the family-centered tone that was so important to us and our parents for our ceremony? Absolutely.

There were several other issues throughout the day where Lisa and Pomme dropped the ball:

FAVORS: I had spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) ordering favors of jars of jam for guests, and my Mom and I had spent a full night preparing other favors. Lisa confirmed on many occasions (including the afternoon of the wedding) that it would be no problem for Pomme to put the favors out on a table for guests to take home as they were leaving. The favors were not set on a table by the time the first shuttle left at 10:45 PM, so many guests did not receive them. They were only set out eventually because my husband noticed their absence. No one should have to rely on the groom to keep track of this (or any!) detail during the wedding. I could have delegated this task to my maid-of-honor or another friend. Instead, I trusted Lisa to execute a task that we had discussed many times. That was a mistake.

PRIVATE MOMENT: The first time I met Lisa and walked through the day of the wedding, I identified a potential problem: guests using the downstairs bathrooms upon arriving could accidentally interrupt a very private and solemn moment when we signed our ketubah before the ceremony. Not to worry, Lisa assured us: the downstairs access would be blocked and guests would be directed to a different bathroom upon arrival. The assurances were empty ones. Instead, the downstairs bathrooms were used during this period, and several guests saw us and wanted to greet us during what was supposed to be a private, solemn few minutes marking the beginning of our marriage. If it became necessary for guests to use the downstairs bathroom, it would have been nice for Pomme to give us a heads up so that we could move to a private area.

AWOL COORDINATORS: As the day progressed, there were several times throughout the day where Pomme staff, particularly the “coordinators,” could not be found. For example, after the cocktail hour, we expected that there would be specific guidance as to when we would enter the reception. We were milling about and waiting for instructions for at least 10 minutes (which in the context of a wedding time line, is a long time). We had to ask one of the staff members to fetch a coordinator. Our entry was substantially later than scheduled, and it was delayed by what seemed to be a lack of attention. We also noticed throughout the event that Pomme seemed short-staffed; water glasses went unfilled for most of the reception.

FAKE TOASTING TO OUR FUTURE: As a final example, there was no wine in the Kiddush cup during the wedding ceremony, so we had to fake-sip from the cup. I had specifically talked about the need for wine in the Kiddush cup on several discussions and in e-mails, and the response was always, “No problem. Of course we’ll take care of that.” This alone would not have been a big deal (and we would have found it funny), but this anecdote reflects the extent to which we identified issues for Pomme which went ignored on the day of our wedding.


As if the inattention to detail on the wedding day were not enough, leading up to the wedding Lisa was dismissive and made me feel high maintenance for simple requests and questions. For example, when I asked her a question about the arrival time of shuttles from the hotel, she accused me of attempting to get out of our contract. There was also a 10-day period, 1 month before our wedding, when she did not return phone calls or emails, or even respond to my request that she confirm receipt. She later replied she had been busy with “other events.” A wedding can be stressful. But dealing with the wedding coordinator should not be the source of that stress. Even throughout the wedding day, we found Lisa’s tone to be dismissive, bordering on adversarial. As one example, when my Mom asked her if it was time to go upstairs for the ceremony, she stared at her coldly and said, “you can do whatever you want.”


On the positive side, at least for catering a large function, the appetizers were wonderful (except the “cucumber cup” as the gravlax was just on a cucumber slice), and the short ribs and potatoes were excellent. The arctic char was mediocre, and the Brussels sprouts were not particularly well-prepared and were tasteless.


We raised these issues with the owner Jon Weinrott after the wedding. He made financial amends related to some of the specific issues, and he catered our Thanksgiving dinner, which was delicious and appreciated. While his response has helped, we did not pick a wedding venue based on their after-the-fact damage control.

We have vacillated as to whether to post this review, mainly because we do not want to expend such negative energy toward our wedding memories.

That said, it is now eight months after our wedding, and when we reflect on the day, we are still left feeling disappointed that we chose Pomme and that Lisa was a part of our wedding day.

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