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"Poke Salad Annie"


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"Poke Salad Annie"

Paul in S.C. | Jan 31, 2006 09:06 AM

I know many of you have heard this old R&B song but how many of you have eaten poke salad or "poke salit"? The pokeweed grows wild throughout the south and perhaps in other areas as well. I have never seen it sold in stores and perhaps for good reason.

As a child my mother would often ask me to go out in the woods and pick a mess of poke salit. In the south "mess" means a bunch and usually in the context of greens. I knew to pick only the leaves as the rest of the weed is poisonous. The dark red berries are beautiful but poisonous as well( although I've seen crows eat them ). Poke salad is cooked and seasoned like collards or turnip greens and is just as tasty. It tastes a lot like spinach only better. My mother always served poke salit with sliced boiled eggs on top. I would not eat the leaves unless cooked as they may be toxic as well.

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