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Point Richmond: DESTINATION WORTHY!!! Chef Miguel Milan’s St Patrick’s Day menu – corned beef kabobs, corned beef tacos, corned beef sliders corned beef soup, Rueben sandwich ... and the BEST corned beef plate I’ve ever had

rworange | Mar 17, 201001:22 PM     3

This chef’s name belongs front and center in the title. He’s brilliant

I’ve been to the Up & Under Pub and Grill four times in the past week and on each visit I write ‘this is the best xxx I’ve had in my life’

The corned beef and cabbage plate moved this restaurant into the destination restaurant category. Not just for St Patrick’s Day, but every day.

Drive over from Berkeley or Oakland. Pay the bridge toll from Marin. It is almost at the foot of the bridge. Yes, even make the trip from SF.

The three slabs of corned beef (10 oz) were fork-tender with just the right amount of fat. It was just flavorful and not salty. It is the best corned beef I’ve ever had anywhere … including the best NYC delis.

This is corned beef that was given loving attention and shown respect.

The chunks of slow-roasted carrots had slightly caramelized. There was a chiffonade of cabbage sautéed in brown butter on top. A delicious potato cake in the shape of a shamrock was on the side. There was soft with potato comfort inside, with a crunchy exterior. It was splashed with green sauce for added flair.

From this day forward, whenever I am served the usual bland dish of corned beef and cabbage, tears will well up in my eyes in memory of Chef Milan’s extraordinary version.

I had the Irish coffee jello for dessert. At first I didn’t like it because the jello was firmer than I like. Then I got into it. Coffee gelatin was topped with a layer of cream gelatin and then served with scoop of vanilla ice cream and a splash of Baily’s.

Still, I might steer people to the other dessert – the Sin Bin – graham cracker crumble, topped with Baily’s infused chocolate sauce and marshmallows

Megan, the great waitress we had on our first visit, enthusiastically recommended the Rueben when I walked in the door. Normally I’d follow her excellent suggestions … but being the holiday and all I needed my corned beef plate.

The Rueben did look amazing served on quarter-inch slabs of dark rye.

I’ll post the rest of the special menu today in the first reply

My previous visits

Point Richmond: Up & Under Pub and Grill – The Richmond prick and the BEST po’boy I’ve had in my life … WOW

Up & Under Pub and Grill
2 W Richmond Ave, Richmond, CA 94801

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