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My plan for the main trip to Tokyo is finished


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My plan for the main trip to Tokyo is finished

Roysen | Aug 1, 2014 01:12 AM

Daily Itinerary:
lunch: time - 11:30 or earliest restaurant opening hour if it opens later.
post lunch seightseeing/shopping: time - after lunch until mid day snack time.
mid day snack: time - 16:00 at Kanemasu - we might have to start queing at 15:00. I assume we will not need more than an hour to snack.
pre dinner seightseeing/shopping: time - afer mid day snack until dinner time.
dinner: time - 18:30 or earliest restauarnt opening hour if it opens later.
cocktail hour: time - after dinner - a cocktail or two, cigar/cognac or a single malt whisky will probably not require more than half an to an hour.
evening snack: time - 22:00 - I assume we will not need more than an hour or two to snack.
retire to hotel around midnight

Daily schedule description:
My plan is to skip breakfast to avoid that stomach fill and get up in time to have lunch around 11:30 or at the restaurants opening hour. Eeating lunch early is important to be able to manage all the food every day so that the schedule will not be too compact and too much food in too little time. After lunch I have no specific plans for the day until I would like to go to the Izakaya Kanemasu and line up for their opening hour at 16:00 the days they are open.. So the time between lunch and mid day snack at Kanemasu can be used for seightseeing/shopping. Kanemasu has no reservations and people line up early to get in. I plan to have a drink and some snacks every day at Kanemasu. My research has guided me to this Izakaya as the choice I want to make my regular Izakaya during my time in Tokyo. I want to make one Izakaya my regular hangout to make a good connection with the chef and be able to enjoy all his creativity. It was important to find one with great food, nice typical Japanese atmosphere and a nice sake/wine selection. After the Izakaya visit I have no specific plans until dinner, so that time could be used to more seightseeing/shopping.. Then I plan going for dinner at around 18:30 each day or at the restaurants opening hour if that is later. After dinner I hoped we could go relax a bit at a cocktail bar somewhere with a drink or alternatively go to enjoy a cigar with cognac or a single malt somewhere. I have made no plans that needs reservation for this post dinner drink so we will go with the flow on the day. After the drinks I would like to have a late night snack at around 22:00. At this hour I plan to go on Izakaya strolls around the city and sample also more of the local food types like soba, ramen, teryaki, tonkatsu, unagi, sukiyaki, shabu shabu etc. I have a long list of specific ingredients I would like to try and I will use Tabelog quite extensively to find small local and not expensive places where I can get what I am looking for. My lunch and dinners are for the restaurants on my list where I will need reservations made. Cultural aspects, tourist stuff, seightseeing and shopping can be arranged between lunch and Kanemasu or between Kanemasu and dinner.

Of course we can skip Kanemasu some days and instead focus on trying to realize some of the ingredients I want to try if the places I need to to experience that is not open during the late snack time I have planned. There will be a lot of days in Tokyo and I will not miss my daily Kanemasu fix if we should drop it some days and do something else. The Kanemasu opening hour is however very convinient between 16:00 and 19:00 for the mid day snack I plan, and their food service is supposedly fantasticly good. That is right up my alley. What I don't know is how their sake and wine selection is. Kanemasu is also closed every Sunday. So that is a day we have no plans between lunch and dinner where we also can fit in something else.

This is Kanemasu:

I will stay in Tokyo for 6 weeks. This restaurant list is one restaurant for lunch and dinner every day. I know I will not be able to get reservations at all of them. I have not listed replacement alternatives though. Instead I think that the spots on the schedule where we can't get the reservations I want will be a nice break in all the high end dining. At those times I will go with the flow and either have a meal at a local place I pass on my way or possibly not eat anything at all.

The reservation team handling the reservation work for me have been instructed to ask all the restaurants where I can't get a reservation for this trip if they can reserve a seat for a January trip instead. January is really as far ahead as I can currently plan with my current health situation. So I hope to round up those restaurants on a second trip where I will combine an as of yet uknown number of days in Tokyo with 5 days in Bangkok, 5 days in Hong Kong, 5 days in Shanghai, 5 days in Singapore and 5 days in New Dehli instead of going to Kyoto and Osaka like on this trip. Because of that I have skipped the Thai and Indian restaurants I originally had planned to visit in Tokyo on this trip.

Here is the restaurant list:

Fook Lam Moon Marubiru
Hei Fung Terrace
Chugoku Hanten Fureika
Cuisine Michel Troisgros
Maison Paul Bocuse
Beige by Alain Ducasse
Aoyama Florilege
La Tour D'Argent
L'Atelier Joel Robuchon
Ristorante Aso
Seryna Roppongi Honten
Ukai-tei Omotesando
Ginza Hirayama
Mikawa Zezankyo
7chome Kyoboshi
Tempura Kondo
Seika Kobayashi
Ginza Okuda
Genydana Hamadaya
Fukudaya Kioicho
Aoyama Esaki
Kikonoi Akasaka
Sushi Kyubey Ginza
Sushi Ichikawa
Sushi Mitani
Sushi Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten

Pierre Gagnaire
Joel Robuchon
Aronia de Takazawa
Les Creations De Narisawa
Aroma Fresca
Ginza Miyama
Tempura Uchitsu
Fugu Fukuji
Usukifugu Yamadaya
Azabu Kadowaki
Ginza Okamoto
Jimbocho Den
Azabu Yukimura
Ginza Koju
Nihonryori Kanda
Kitcho Tokyo Ginza Honten
Nihonryori Ryugin
Sushi Kanesada
Sushi Ginza Harutaka
Sushi Umi
Sushi Sho Masa
Sushi Sho Saito
Sushi Sho
Sushi Yoshitake
Sushi Hashiguchi
Sushi Kanesaka Ginza
Sushi Sawada
Sushi Araki
Sushi Mizutani
Sushi Saito

I would also like to add that I will devide my stay between the Mandarin Oriental and the Shangri-La hotels. If anyone wants to meet the easiest way of hooking up would be to meet at Kanemasu or simply send me an e-mail at I would be very interested in meeting up with fellow foodies in Tokyo. I think that would make interesting conversation for both of us and we could share some drinks or snacks.

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