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Picking the Right Seat at a Restaurant? Do you strategize to get the perfect spot (for you)?


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Picking the Right Seat at a Restaurant? Do you strategize to get the perfect spot (for you)?

alkapal | Apr 3, 2013 07:42 AM

This infographic about how to choose the perfect seat at different table set-ups (round, oblong, etc) was fun to read.

Some excerpts:

"4 Person Circle: This is the ideal setup. You are safe sitting in any seat. Regardless how interesting everyone is, you pretty much can’t go wrong. Note: as the diameter of the table increases, so too does the importance that you sit adjacent to someone you like.


6 Person Circle: How loud the restaurant is determines how important it is that you claim a middle seat. A quiet space allows for cross-table diagnoal talking, and generally one conversation. A loud space however forces multiple conversations and less diagonal.

8 Person Rectangle: To get one of the interior 4 seats, you need to time your approach expertly. You can’t be first, else you’ll be expected to file to the end. And you can’t be last, else you’ll be stuck with the least interesting seat at the table. Timing is everything.

7 Person Rectangle: It’s very easy to get screwed in this scenario. …..

2 Tables of Any Size: You’re f…d. Regardless of how you time your approach, you will inevitably choose too soon. Lament as the other table’s attendance crystallizes into what is clearly the superior group. Sometimes it’s best to visit the bathroom while seats are chosen, so any seating disasters are the result of chance, and not your own miscalculation."

Do you strategize for optimum seating in that critical first 45 seconds?

How much does it matter to you?

Is it most important in family, friends or business settings -- to you? ("I don't like my cousin Vinny," or "I cannot bear my best friend's husband," or I"'m going to get close to the boss no matter if it seems…like I'm a suck up, like I'm too aggressive, like I'm not a team player….."?

Is the author correct in outlining the scenarios?

Have you ever gotten "stuck" in a horrible seat at a restaurant table? What happened? How did you deal with the situation? (looking for humor and/or horror stories!).

What are the norms in your circles for "where it is appropriate to sit"?

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