Persian Rice Help!


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Persian Rice Help!

marissaj | Mar 7, 2011 12:17 PM

I found a copy of the magazine- 'Kosher Inspired' floating around about a week ago outside of Va Bene in NYC. I took a copy and really liked the look of the Persian Purim Seudah menu (the composer of these recipes, of course, has a book coming out, originally titled 'Persian Cooking from the Non-Persian Bride......). Anyway, I followed her Persian Rice with Tahdig recipe to the letter, and it was a complete, total failure. The only place I can think of that potentially messed up the rice was the al dente rice cooking at first, but the water was boiling when I began cooking the rice, and it cooked for at least 7 minutes, and had the white dot inside that she said to look for.
Does anyone have a TNT recipe for tahdig rice? Did anyone else see this recipe and try it and have the same failure?


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