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[PDX] Portland Farmer's Market Opening Day

Nick | May 5, 200405:19 AM     7

The highlights (go to the link attached for these on my site along with a link to lots of pictures):

* Low BBQ: Rodney (chefrodrigo on eGullet.com and Chowhound.com) and partner Kyle started their first day of business selling probably the best ribs and brisket in PDX. The brisket was falling apart tender and juicy. The ribs were excellent, especially the lamb ribs, making a trip for some Q to the market a necessity. (They only cook pork ribs at their 6th and Hawthorne stand.)

* Sahagun: eGulleter eem was selling her chocolates which have a wonderful texture and are accented by mostly savory flavors like chile, ginger, and cardamon. I like that she's not trying to make them overly sweet. My wife restrained herself admirably, only buying two palets (I call them squashed truffles), because she's on a diet. She's been jonesin' for chocolate since she's been reading the book Chocolat.

* Delphina's Bakery: I'm not familiar with this bakery. The bread we tried, a walnut/fig bread, was pretty tasty. I don't know if the crumb is up to the standards set by Ken et al, but it was pretty good.

* Ken's and Pearl Bakeries: Of course they're both great. Ken was even manning his own booth.

* Pumpkin Honey: Not sure of the seller's name, but they're on the north side and were selling a flavorful pumpkin honey. Bought a bear of it myself.

* Columbia Empire Farms: Lingonberry and Huckleberry preserves, though spendy, were extremely delicious.

* Sundance Lavendar Farms: A few of their jams overwhelm the lavendar, imo, but the orange balances it well. I recommended making a lavendar salt like I saw at the SF Ferry Building farmer's market. That stuff rocked.

* Rogue Creamery: A very promising cheesemaker. They've won some international awards and I like their blues as much as any other domestics.

* Oregon Gourmet Cheeses: They make a camembert and a harder cheese they call sublimity that are both good. They hand out an overly generous amount of samples at the market.

* Alsea Acres: Their goat cheeses aren't quite as good as Juniper Grove's (who wasn't there, yet), but they're getting better. They also had some chevre packed in flavored oil that looked intriguing.

* Salumeria di Carlo's: Long line of people waiting for their freshly grilled sausages just like last year. The flavors of the sausages could be more intense, but the smell of grilling sausage, peppers, and onions is intoxicating.

* Pix: Cheryl was working the booth herself and as always her and her food are evil temptresses.

* Groundworks Organics: They had the best selection of produce, including some nice looking young carrots and lots of greens and bulbs.

* Rossi Farms: Several types of potatoes: big ones, long ones, fat ones, skinny ones....

* Eggs: What's up with all the eggs? Blue eggs were overpriced at $4/dozen, but they did have some chicks and the momma hen for the kids to play with. There were probably 4 or 5 spots selling eggs.

* Morels: Many morels from a variety of vendors. They were the size of my thumb. I should have got some, but I've got a frig full of 'shrooms right now.

Link: http://www.extramsg.com/modules.php?n...

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