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[PDX] Halloween/Dia de los Muertos Chocolates & New Pix...

extramsg | Oct 31, 200502:01 PM    

I don't know if I'll put up a full report on the chocolate thing at Powell's for Cooks and Gardeners this weekend, but it was an enjoyable little event. Got an autographed copy of Chocolate Obsession for 30% off, which was nice. And Sahagun, Dagoba, Cherries & Chocolate, and Pix were all giving out samples and selling yummy items. I think there was a wine tasting/matching with Dagoba but there were so many people crowded over there that I could wedge my fat ass between two of them to get by.

Besides the book, I picked up a great Day of the Dead chocolate from Sahagun. Elizabeth had made a series of skulls and skeletons, hand "painted" with silvery dusts. Very cool and a perfect match for all the Day of the Dead stuff in my kitchen from my Mexico trip two years ago during the holiday. The question now is who will win: me, who wants to keep it forever with my other decorations, or my wife, who wants to eat that tasty Ecuadorean chocolate? I guess the answer is I should stop by Sahagun's shop and pick up some more before you all read this.... (I wish the celophane didn't obscure the picture so much.)

Afterwards, we went up to Pix's new location on N Williams. Lampoc is under construction in the adjoining space. Much better room. Very open, comfortable seating, no worries about getting slammed with the door while you peruse the sweets in the case. Pineapple print sported on the right wall. The back left wall is covered in bordello red wallpaper with mirrors and windows that look into the kitchen in back.

The bar seems to be a big part of what they're doing and they had a multi-page cocktail menu. They also seem to have more savory items, though I had never bought any savory items at the other location.

We tried the salmon spread and the corn nuts. Both were decent, if a bit spendy. The salmon spread was very simple with some slices of tangy cucumbers, a salmon pate of sorts, and some sliced baguette for $7, I believe. The corn nuts were "fancy" with more than just corn. It's a small dish for $2, but not unfair. And I like crunchy things.

We also got the Ichabod Creme, a seasonal item. It has a pumpkin custard (ie, pumpkin pie) set in the middle of a caramel tart with a curried pecan on top. Yum. They seemed to have nearly, if not just as many, desserts as the other store. Even had the ice creams.

Still has the late hours, which will be interesting in that part of town.

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