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Do you have to pay for wedding caterers' tastings?

Bob Dobalina | Mar 8, 201003:30 AM

I am getting married in Sept. so have begun the search for a caterer. One in my area of the country came very highly recommended from several people, but there is one thing that is just sticking in my craw, and I am hoping the wise hounds of the world can provide me with some feedback.

It seems that they conduct a group tasting a couple times in the winter and spring, and we are asked to pay $25/pp to attend. (The 50 is applied to your tab if you choose to go with them.) People have always remarked that the tastings are the best thing because of all the free food, etc. Not that I am looking for a handout, but it does niggle at me that before I pay them upwards of $10K for a meal, I have to pay them $50 to try them. They are trying to get my business, right?

I am also concerned that this is a sign that they may nickel and dime me later on.

This caterer is sort of a mom and pop-style place, run out of the couple's home, but it's not a small time operation in any sense. And like I said, it comes highly recommended spontaneously from several people, so we would like to use them, but this minor thing just bugs me.

Should it? I would really appreciate your feedback.

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