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Origin of: Hot Pot


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Origin of: Hot Pot

jenn | Mar 7, 2005 08:05 PM

Don't ask me why I want to know but I'm curious. Where did Hot Pot originate? ---you know the thing with the coals on the table and the broth and the meat et al that you cook in the broth.. . gets me hungry just thinking about it.

Heres the deal: The family and pups recently had hot pot at the home of a Chinese friend. The experience was wonderful and most yummy. In describing it later to a third party, we said that hotpot was a Chinese dish. The third party contested this and said that it was Korean.

While its not important in the grand scheme of things, I'd like to know if my know it all third party is right or wrong. I always thought the dish was Chinese and dated back to the Mongels. . ..


and while we are on the topic---can you use a brass hotpot safely? I have this beautiful one that I thought was decorative until I found it on the Wok Shop website for $275. . .

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