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Your opinion on wine tasting fees?


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Your opinion on wine tasting fees?

vlad | Feb 5, 2007 08:57 AM

Is there a consensus among either the producers or the consumers on how wine tasting fees should be handled when one purchases wine post-tasting?

It seems like the lower quality wine/winery, the more likely they stick you with the fees even though you may have bought a few bottles.

I, frankly, find this a bit irritating.

This weekend at Sunstone, (whose wines, in sum, I found okay/good), I wanted to buy a couple of bottles to take home. When I noticed that the girl behind the counter wasn't discounting us for our wine tasting fees, I asked her why that was. She replied (rather smarmily), that was how they did their wine tasting and besides (verbatim) "People ask me that all the time and I just wanna know who does that?"

I replied, in my experience, most of the Napa Valley. And I was no longer interested in purchasing.

Swung by Kalyra as it was next door (average/okay) and Rideau (good/excellent) as well. Similar type modus operandi there. That said, I thought the folks at Kayra were the most personable and easy-going.

Overreaction on my part? Bad business on their part? Poorly trained staff? I'm a proletariat buffoon?

Maybe I am just not very simpatico, and didn't merit a waiver of the tasting fee?

Thoughts? Opinions?

Thanks in advance.

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