Old "can" opener -- How do I use this ?? (or is it broken?)


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Old "can" opener -- How do I use this ?? (or is it broken?)

macaronlove | Jun 8, 2011 11:19 PM

I was clearing out kitchen drawers today when I found this old "can opener". It resembles one but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to use it !! I tried looking up the company, ICOM, but it seems they have long gone out of business or they are very small. The current ICOM is a radio/marine electronics company. The patent number written on it is 4997... and a US patent search leads to...... an old 1800's shoe patent :(

I tried wedging a can in between but I cannot get a good grip and the lone cutting "wheel" feels dull. I did notice that the big inner circle of the cutting wheel has what looks like glue residue in it. Perhaps something used to be glued in the middle? Not too sure though.

If anyone has any idea how to use it or if it is indeed broken, do reply, I'm very curious about if it will work or not. I spent a good amount of time looking up confusing can openers (the IKEA can opener popped up) lol

Here is a link with pictures of the mysterious can opener:

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